Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 15 - You Were Formed for God's Family


DAY 15

Point to Ponder: I was formed for God's Family

Verse to Remember: "His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ." Ephesians 1:5a (NLT)

Question to Consider: How can I start treating other believers like members of my own family?



  1. “Being included in God’s family is the highest honor and the greatest privilege you will ever receive. Nothing else comes close. Whenever you feel unimportant, unloved, or insecure,remember to whom you belong.” pg. 121

    As we stated in past posts, we have hit some very difficult roads with family. It's a great promise to know when we feel unloved, rejected, and isolated... we have a security in God's family where we are cherished, accepted and loved.

    How should I treat other believers like my own family? Help them and be there for them. Enjoy their company and spend time together. That even means acting like kids! Playing X-box and board games. That's one of my fondest memories with my brother. We used to always play board games together.

    Whenever Lynn and I have friends over it feels like family. We sit around the table, eat junk food and play board games.

    When times are tough- listen, console in them and pray for their needs.

    When there is conflict between us, I need to do my best to fix it and make sure our relationship is mended.

  2. I think one of the best things I can do (and probably the hardest for me) is to try to reach out and talk to fellow believers at church. I have a set mentality of getting to church, singing and listening, and then heading right home. Probably goes back to the ole pew days, LOL! But seriously, I'm sure someone out there could just use a listening ear... I'm much better at listening than talking, I just need to make the effort.

    Thanks to both of you for your friendship. Jess and I both consider it a privilege to call you our brother (ok, fellas say "bro") and sister in Christ!

  3. I was really inspired by the chapter's references to the importance of a spiritual family and its lasting forever. The chapter mentions having a broken family, which we do, and that they are temporary, and I was encouraged by the mention of a spiritual family being stronger than blood relationships. I believe we have our families for a reason, but that doesn't mean we were meant to have a relationship with them our whole time here on earth. There are things to be learned from our family relationships, but not always a tie that binds. I was really glad to read about having a spritual family.

    I can start treating other believers as members of my own family by making sure that I am there for them when they are in need, and reminding them through actions and words that I care about them. I can also start trying to have realtionships with those people that I don't know very well and don't usually talk to at church- making time to go say hello and get to know them.

  4. Ahhh, the good ole pew days- what memories.
    Lynn and I have considered you and Jess as brother(bro) and sister in God's family as well.
    We cherish you both! Jer, you and I go way back. (We are getting old!)

  5. I think that I can start treating fellow believers like members of my own family by simply trying to reach out and talk to people. Sometimes I make a specific effort to avoid people, hide, and not talk to others, even those that I consider friends. If I could get over this fear of approaching someone, and talking to them, I think it would be more pleasing to God. Ahh... yet another thing- a very important thing that I need to work on