Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 2 - You Are Not an Accident

Thank you for posting your comments yesterday!

It is very encouraging to read everyone's perspective regarding, "It All Starts with God".

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Point to Ponder: I am not an accident.

Verse to Remember: "I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born." Isaiah 44:2 (CEV)

Question to Consider: I know that God uniquely created me. What areas of my personality, background, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?



  1. Did you ever have that dream where you are at the grocery store- moving in slow motion and you realize everyone is staring at you? As you look down you realize you are standing there in all your glory-- naked!

    Today's "Question to Consider" is hard, because I have to first be honest with myself and then I have to be honest with all of you. But that's what friendship is all about- sharing and being exposed.

    What areas of my personality do I struggle with? With the mayhem of kids, finances, and life's stress; I lose patience. I can get very frustrated at life and end up taking it out on the one closest to me- my wife. She should be my ally, instead I unload on her. I snap at her, I grow impatient with the kids, I can feel very overwhelmed with life.

    What areas of my background to I struggle with? My first marriage. Because of my immature and poor decision of getting married the first time, out of obligation- causes current issues that has put a toll on my current marriage and family.

    What areas of physical appearance do I struggle with? My belly, because I love to eat FOOD! Seriously, I tell myself that I will do a better job with my food choices, but I end up giving in to the junk and things that I know hurts my body. It doesn't help when Donna comes over with the world's best Chocolate Pie!! HA!

    I am glad that I am not an accident! I can't fully wrap my mind around it, but God loved me so much that He thought me up in His mind and breathed life into me so that I would exist and have a life full of purpose and love with Him.


  2. In my personality, I struggle with the tendency to stress out over things beyond my control. It's something I continue to work on with GOd's help- but it's still a struggle. I struggle with self-confidence issues that can cause bitterness and negativity.

    In my background I struggle with my home growing up. My dad's alcoholism and my mom's illness and pill addiction have left some permanent marks on me that I struggle with to this day. I struggle with years of harrassment and verbal abuse from family members. These are things I have to try very hard not to think about and obsess over. I also struggle with years of trying to overcome the stigma of being "crazy, loud Lynn" show others my growth and maturity in Christ.

    In my physical appearance I struggle with my pregnancy weight gain. I can't stand the way clothes look on me! (but God didn't make me that way- fast food and sweets did) :)

    I think it's awesome to know that we are not accidents- that everything has a design and purpose and our experiences connect together to make us into the person God intended us to be. It's comforting to know that hurt and suffering can mold us into better people!

  3. I am not an accident. I was put on this earth with one woman to raise me and a family of friends surrounding me. God put me right here because this is where I would find my dearest friends who would become my a family to me and who I could be supportive of as well. He chose a mother for me that would make me strong and confident and who would support me throughout my entire 31 years of education with out criticism or doubt.

    Sure there are many things that I could look back on and say I did wrong. Those of you reading this could probably talk about it for hours. But like Lynn stated, “It's comforting to know that hurt and suffering can mold us into better people!” And I believe that in order for us to become that better mold, we also need to put the past behind us the best we can so that it does not continuously break us. Struggling with the past is living the past. The only moment that truly matters is right NOW.

    As for physical appearance….I believe that the statement, “we are all made in God’s image” is not meant to be focused on a physical body, I think it is more about spirit and love. No matter how much weight I gain, gray hair I am getting or wrinkles I notice getting deeper, I need to remind myself that it is my internal self that is what truly matters. Yes, I need to take care of my body so that I may stay on earth as long is possible, but what I really need to keep in shape is my spirit and soul because that is who I really am for all of eternity.

  4. Evie,

    Your post was touching. About how your friends have become your family. Your comments regarding your mom was beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. When talking about breath it was/is a nice reminder to realize God is breath and that every breath we take is because of God so when I/you breathe inhale God/peace and exhale peace/God! It's also a nice "thank you" moment. During these cold winter days I like to breathe in the crisp, fresh air it feels clean and purifying from God (during my short distance walks!) Otherwise it begins to tighten me up and freeze my organs, sorry Ev! Struggling to accept - this part was sad to think about, I feel very badly when thinking about having had my jaw surgery, I've changed God's creation. I feel the worst about killing life that God created. I have a hard time killing spiders, however, for some reason I haven't felt that way about the thousand leggers (I feel bad again). There are times at work when I feel like I'm not worth much having not had the education (college degree) nor finishing nursing school (that has crushed me). It all happens for a reason and not finishing nursing school is how I came to God, I'm so glad, there's no better place to be and to think it's only going to get better/more powerful from here on out! I'm glad we have a reminder to get us out of our slumps. Jeff about the food issue, I have a weakness for sweets to the point where I will make a cake and eat the whole thing by myself in the same day. I ate the whole top layer (which had many layers in it!) of our wedding cake by myself within 3 days. Now I try to limit that to only Saturdays. Now it's to the point where I feel like I'm sinning when I do that to my body. God gave us this body and I feel badly destroying it in front of him. I'm feeling that way with alcohol now too. I just feel (learning the awareness) wrong doing it.

  6. Colleen,

    Thank you for your honesty- your words are very raw and very real! It is evident that we all struggle with many issues in our lives. It's good to feel more sensitive(aware) of what may sadden God. Remember that this day forward, we can make differences in our lives... as Evie put it, "Struggling with the past is living the past."

    I understand the addictions to food. I also struggled with alcohol in my past for many years(I mean, out of control drinking.) I try to find out why? Why do I like to eat so much? Why do I like to drink so much? The answer that I found: In some area of my life- I feel a void. Unhappy with life, unhappy with myself. I was desiring certain "highs" to make me happy even for a moment. I was trying to find some kind of healing. Dependence on God has been a long process, but I realize He is able to love me, forgive me, and heal me of my pains.

    Colleen, maybe you and I could start a support group called, CEA? "Cake Eaters Anonymous"! I will pray for you, will pray for me too regarding this addiction to junk food!