Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 11 - Becoming Friends with God


Day 11

Point to Ponder: God wants to be my best friend.
Verse to Remember: "Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him." Psalm 25:14a (LB)

Question to Consider: What can I do to remind myself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day?



  1. “Friendship with God is built by sharing all your life experiences with Him.” (pg. 87)

    This chapter has really shown me that God truly is my friend and I am His. Just like friends do, I can share ALL my life experiences with Him. I should celebrate with God about the good things that happen at my job, with my family(even when our son had a bowel movement- a whole 'nuther topic), or when something exciting happens in my life. I need to share my hurts and disappointments with Him. He desires to have open communication with me.

    There are many friends that I have lost contact with throughout the years. The main reasons? Distance and lack of communication. I cannot maintain a close, healthy relationship with them if lines of communication aren't open. This is the same with God, I need to continuously stay in contact with God in order to have a closer relationship with Him.

    Like Colleen said in a prior post, putting a note in my car is a great reminder to talk to God. A note on my refridgerator. I want to make time with God(even if it's a few minutes) during my breaks at work. These things will allow me to stay in tune with God.

  2. I think one of the greatest things about developing a friendship with God is that he will never fail you. As humans, we all fail each other in friendship at some point- even if it's something small. Sometimes we're too overwhelmed with our own lives to really want to be there for friends when they need us. Sometimes conflicting personalities cause friction even if you've been friends with someone your whole life. Like Jeff said- distance and lack of communication- or sometimes even just being at different points with relationships, jobs and kids can strain a friendship. It is comforting to know that even when you don't feel that closeness you're looking for from a good friend you can still feel it with God and he won't let you down or judge you.

    I think that spending more time talking to the kids about God and involving him in their lives would be a good reminder. I am not comsistent in spending time with them every day talking about God or reading the Bible and discussing things with Abby- who is definately old enough to be doing that. I think that the advice of continual prayers throughout the day is great for me because when I wait until the evening sometimes I'm so bogged down with multiple problems, praises and prayer requests I don't know where to begin! I have started a habit of praying on the spot when I hear of someone going through a hard time or a sickness or grief. I also try and praise God when great things happen without waiting until later. I would like to make that a permanent habit.

  3. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation on His Word is God talking to you. I guess I don't often think of it that way, but how cool that we can have a back-and-forth conversation with God! I once saw a coworker with post-it notes (I love post-its!) containing Bible verses in his cubicle and think that's a great reminder idea for me.

    Speaking of prayer, please pray for Jessica. She has an interview this coming Tuesday at 3:30pm for a position she is really excited about. Please pray, most importantly, that God's Will be done and that he will open/close the right doors to show us His plan for our lives. Thanks to everyone for your support :)

  4. Jessica, we will be praying for your interview on Tuesday. For confidence and for the right words to say. Keep us updated!