Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 33 - How Real Servants Act


DAY 33

Point To Ponder: I serve God by serving others.

Verse To Remember: "If you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of My followers, you will surely be rewarded." Matthew 10:42 (NLT)

Question To Consider: Which of the six characteristics of real servants offers the greatest challenge to me?



  1. Serving is one thing that I have really been trying to get more involved with. Right now I am really trying to figure out the best way for me to serve. Definitely one way for me to serve is through the worship team, but I know that God has other outlets for me to serve as well. While I have some time lately I've really been trying to reevaluate my SHAPE and try to learn how God has wired me. Although I feel that previous things that I have done with my life, my career, children's ministry, etc, though they are all good things, may not be a good fit to what God has created me for. I know I can serve better if I am serving in the ways in which God called me to serve, so I've been praying for guidance on this matter. These last few chapters have really gotten me reevaluating my life and have me wondering "Am I doing whaat God has called me to do?" and if not, " What can I do to get back on the right path to fit what God has created me for?"

    I think one of the things with having "the heart of a servant" that I struggle most with is making myself available to serve. Again, like many other things this gets challenging in this life due to the constantly busy mentality of this world. It is so easy to serve if you can just "fit it into your schedule", but God wants our best, not our leftovers. So this is something that I actively need to start seeking more of.

  2. I struggle with doing every task with equal dedication. I would much rather be out there serving than involved with the mundane planning and administrative stuff.

    I agree with Jess. I can become too busy and instead of giving God my best offerings, I give Him my scraps.

  3. The characteristic I struggle with most is real servants do their best with what they have. I can sometimes feel insecure with my knowledge or ability in different areas and therefore be afraid to join up. I agree with some churches having a few elitist seeming to run the show- and that has intimidated me in the past.

    I do have to say I will jump in wherever. I'm not afraid to try new things at this point and I was pleased to read that that is a good step in the right direction. I don't mind being behind the scenes- having to speak or do things in front of a group of people makes me want to vomit anyways (and pass out and have an anxiety attack) :) I think that serving will change with our maturity and where we're at spiritually so the things I enjoy now might not be the same in ten years- I look forward to seeing what God has in store for my life.

  4. Surprise, surprise... I too struggle with making myself available to serve. Jess and I live by our big desk calendar. Ok, so that's always been her thing... but I used to do it too, just in my head, so having it written down is actually a big help so I don't have to try to remember everything.

    Ironically, this topic has actually caused some tension with my family at times because they expect to get together spontaneously when I'm just not accustomed to doing things at the drop of a hat (not always, anyway).

    So... it hit me kinda hard when I read "Are you available to God anytime? Can he mess up your plans without you becoming resentful?". Ouch! I don't know why, but I'm a very regimented person who gets ruffled when well-laid plans are changed. So this one is hard for me. I'm working on not stressing and being more gracious when things do change, but maybe I just need a "God-first" rule that supercedes all other schedules.

  5. Jer,

    I can be the same way. I can get aggravated when plans change too. I need to continue to work on the same thing.