Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 34 - Thinking Like a Servant

"A Servant Heart (Sweetly Broken)"
Performed by Life! Group

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DAY 34

Point to Ponder: To be a servant I must think like a servant.

Verse to Remember: "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:5 (NIV)

Question to Consider: Am I usually more concerned about being served or finding ways to serve others?



  1. For the most part I love to serve. Lately, in this day and age I can get completely consumed by the stress of work, the chaotic kids, tasks... you get the picture. Sometimes, I notice myself asking, "What about me?" "When do I get served? When will I get a chance to sit back and take in the tasks of others?" Horrible, considering that isn't a servant's mindset. I need to find a good balance and remember the most mundane- the most repetitive things I do can be a way to serve. It's an attitude thing and I need to work on it.

    Have you ever catch yourself willingly and joyful serving at church or others, like; dishes, setting up/tearing down equipment, cleaning toilets, but when you have to do it at your own house you get really peeved? It's all in the attitude =P

  2. In answer to Jeff's question- yes, every day :)

    I think that I'm not more concerned about others serving me but I can be very selfish and not want to do things that need to get done in my home or with my kids because I just don't feel the motivation. I think with church I have a servant's heart- and with others- but I need to get a better attitude about having a servant's heart in my home.

    I have a funny servant story I'd like to share (Jer you will remember this probably). A few years ago Jeff and I took Abby and Aidan and helped with a team for act of kindness at WRGBC- passing out cookies to police and fireman in the area. Afterwards there was a pig roast and music. Well, prior to the event we had drawn cards for clean up duties to give our team extra points. My card was to clean up the pans. No biggie, right? Well, guess what. The pans were left over pig- including THE HEAD. I was pregnant with Liam, tired, and Jeff can tell you I don't do well with raw meat- well, you can imagine the pigs head. I was the only one doing it. I had to get all the pig parts together (some crazy person wanted them) and then carry the pans (which were h-e-a-v-y) from the office over to the church, scour them, and put them away. I cried and freaked the whole time. I couldn't even think straight to get help. Eventually, near the end, Debbie Justice came in the kitchen at church, saw that I was about to go postal, and helped. Well, I remember Jer coming in the kitchen with a hot chocolate cooler in the meantime and I thought, well isn't that something. Some people folded chairs, others threw trash, Jer had a hot chocolate cooler, and I have a pigs head that I'm handling with my fat pregnant hands. Talk about having to learn humility. But I did it! Finished it out and took care of poor Wilbur.

  3. Sorry Guys~ I'm a day behind.

    The one thing that really sparked my attention in this chapter wasthe second point that " Servants think like stewards, not owners". This was actually spoken about in depth in Dave Ramsey's FPU class. It is much easier to give of our time, money and other worldly goods when we step outside of ourselves and realize that it is not ours to begin with, but Gods. We only manage it. I know if I was the manager of a business, I would wnt to do my job as diligently and precisely as I could to help the business grow. Wouldn't we want the saame for Gods kingdom, using what He's given us to increase His "business"?

    Humility is a struggle. It is easy to get caught up in self righteousness and not possessing a humble heart. I just need to constantly remind myself that it is all for God's glory, not my own.

  4. LOL... Lynn, I do remember that horrific chore you had! I was actually thinking about it and wondering if you'd mention it before I read your post! I felt bad for you and I know you were PO'd I only had to clean that hot chocolate cooler. Sorry I didn't stay to help at the time... I know I had another obligation, but a servant would have stayed to help a friend, so boo on me :-(

    I'm not concerned with being served. I'd like to say I'm more concerned with finding ways to serve others, but I'm not sure how to do so in every-day life. How can I serve my co-workers when I'm stuck in a cube all day? I think I know some ways I can serve my wife and family, but who else should I be reaching out to during the week?